Evolution of the Big Muff

One of my all time favourite effects pedals is the Big Muff Pi. I own a B.Y.O.C. Triangle version of this amazing pedal. It has undergone many cosmetic changes in the 2 years I’ve had it thus far. The black and white one now belongs to my church and gets rocked pretty hard every Sunday. Since I only ever used the ‘scooped mids’ setting, I removed the top rotary switch and hard-wired it into this position like a classic Big Muff. Then I put a blue LED in it. At one time nearly all my pedals had blue LEDs in them. I didn’t like the empty hole where the rotary switch used to be, so I re-housed it in a spare green enclosure I had lying around. Then I re-housed it again into a salmon coloured enclosure and have swapped different knobs a few times. Finally I put a label on it, because I had a bunch of unlabelled pedals and some friends playing with my gear had no idea what was what.

Evolution of the Big Muff