Domo Arigato Boss

I picked up these two Japanese Boss pedals today. I was on the hunt for a used GE-7 thinking I would get a Taiwan one, but I found this Japanese one for literally pennies more (or should I say “nickels” since we no longer have the penny in Canada). I couldn’t pass it up, and I also scored the CE-2 for a great deal since I was buying 2 pedals. I’ve always heard the MIJ Boss pedals are better than the ones MIT but I don’t know if that’s really true or not. All I can tell you is that these two are real gems. I thought I would have to mod the GE-7 because I’ve heard they are noisy and hiss, but it operates so quietly I’m not going to do anything to it. Generally I favour boutique effects pedals, but these two are reliable pedals that are possibly older than I am. That’s a reliability record which would be hard to beat. I’m not saying all Boss stuff is great, but these ones are. They also make a great tuner, and the DD-5 is one of my all time favourite delay pedals. Cheers!