Buffalo FX – 18v Power Booster

If you’ve heard any hype about this pedal believe it. I don’t often (or ever) do NPD (New Pedal Day) posts anymore, but this one deserves it. I’ve owned dozens of overdrive pedals and this one has taken the cake. It is the sound I’ve heard in my head come to life at last. And it stacks so well with every other pedal you throw at it. I’ve wanted a Coloursound Power Boost for a long time to build a small 1970s David Gilmour inspired pedalboard to leave out at home.

When I first heard about this one from Gilmourish I was excited thinking I’d found a Power Booster for me. The only problem I now have is that I love this one so much that I have to make a space for it on any pedalboard setup I put together. So the small, permanent, home Gilmour inspired setup is going to have to wait.

The internal 9 to 18 volt charge pump is probably the secret weapon in terms of headroom. I can put my amp on “1” and crank the Power Booster and it will scream. I run my Little Green Wonder (LGW) into it and you just get more power booster goodness. I also boost my Analog.Man Sunface BC109 Fuzz with it and it’s a match made in heaven. I shouldn’t be so surprised, but the LGW and the BC109 don’t play well together and yet the Power Booster stacks well with everything I’ve tried so far.

If you get a chance, try this one out and visit buffalo-fx.com for more information on this amazing pedal.

Buffalo FX - Power Booster