Brandon Bouwma – Stryper – Pride (Drum Cover)

My buddy Brandon is recording a multi-instrumental cover of this song with some friends half way around the world in the Philippines. Some friends and I helped him record, edit and mix the audio for his parts on the drums before sending them to the other side of the world. In this video I’ve mixed the original Stryper audio behind the drums to give some context. As always, Brandon did a fantastic job adding his personal touch to the drums. All he needs now is a samurai sword and then look out Robert Sweet!



Heaven Fall Down

Probably my favourite worship song of the last 5 years (in terms of the guitar parts at least). I’ve wanted to learn it for so long, but because we don’t play it at my church, I’ve never got around to it. I sat down the other night and went at it for the fun of it. Every version is a little different from the next, but I gravitate towards the live versions found on YouTube. Particularly the Big Church Day Out 2012 & the REVOLUTION versions.

I decided to tab it out since there’s a lot going on and nothing accurate is currently available online that I could find. Download the tabs HERE.

The key to nailing this song is to tune down to Eb and the EHX Micro POG.
Set the dry knob at full, the sub knob at 9 o’clock, and the octave up around noon.

Only King Forever

I absolutely love this song. Elevation Worship are really great in that they’ve actually made dozens of how-to videos for their songs available for FREE. The official how-to video in the key of ‘C’ can be watched HERE.

I’ve adapted and transposed the parts from the official video down to the key of ‘A’. This is the key we do it in at my church; for most people it’s much easier to sing. Both the rhythm and lead guitar parts are so fun to play you’ll have a hard time deciding between them if you’re ever the only guitar player in the band.

He is Faithful

This is one of those songs that’s hard not to love. It’s just so fun to sing on its own. What a bonus that it has really fun guitar parts.
There was a really good tutorial video for this song but it seems to be gone now. I think it was made by Jeffrey Kunde of Jesus Culture, but I can’t remember for sure.
Jeffrey doesn’t stack overdrives, but I do. Whatever works I guess. I love turning the Micro Pog on during the bridge. So much fun!
I have tabs written for this one. Just need to add them when I’m near my computer.

No Reason To Hide

This is one of those songs with two versions that are both so good it’s hard to pick a favourite. In the end I had to go with United’s version; it has a few very subtle differences that I really enjoy playing.

There’s already a few tutorials out there for this one. Nigel Hendroff and the Hillsong Creative/Collective team did a workshop on this song. We play it down a half-step from the original ‘Ab’ in ‘G’. So I thought I’d make my demo in ‘G’.


God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion)

If you know me well enough then I’ve probably ranted about the Newsboys to you before. Basically, I’m a big fan of the old stuff and not so much the new stuff. Tait and the boys are amazing musicians but they aren’t really the “Newsboys”. At what point should you continue on under a new band name? I’ll keep it classy and stop now. They did do a great cover of Daniel Bashta’s “Like A Lion”.

I put together a cover video of how I play the guitar parts to this song. I made up my own parts in the bridge. I’ll add tabs here soon. Enjoy!


I was thinking about David Gilmour’s upcoming solo album today and ended up messing around with one of my favourite guitar solos by him (or anyone for that matter). Thought I’d record it and save some “Time” since everything was already setup. His technique is flawless; the bends, the vibrato, and the sustain…so much fun. I’ve been favouring my Gretsch White Falcon for a while now, so it was great to be reminded of why I love Strats.